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Batman vs Superman if done right can be made into the best comic book live action movie ever but there are a few things Zack Snyder should look out for while pursuing this huge project.

Don't introduce unnecessary characters


There has been recent hype surrounding an appearance by Doomsday in DOJ but if you ask me it is way too early to be introducing a villain of Doomsday's caliber I mean he has killed Superman so he's a big villain better reserved for [Man of Steel 2](movie:1516560) or even the second Justice League movie.The other characters announced for the movie other than the Justice League members, Lex Luthor and Alfred most are irrelevant. Amanda Waller I think is definitely an important and influential character even in Arrow,and David Cain could make sense for the movie but in my mind only if they plan to introduce Cassandra Cain as Batgirl other than that the rest are irrelevant.

Don't get me wrong Victor Zsasz is an awesome villain but not the right Batman villain for this movie.I think it's too early to introduce the Joker as well so why not introduce the Riddler. He's a famous Batman villain and he could do good to this movie and a better villain to introduce now then Zsasz save him for The Batman.

Add at least two more [Justice League](movie:401267) members:

The movie is called [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) for God's sake and it only has five members of the Justice League we need more Justice League members.The Flash is said to have a small cameo in the movie but come on that's not what we want. We want to see we wanna see someone like Chris Pine or Ryan Gosling become Barry Allen or Wally West.

We should also be seeing the likes of Green Lantern since Ryan Reynolds won't be reprising his role as Hal Jordan so introducing them could sow the seeds for their movie later in 2016.

More Bat Family members please:

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With David Cain set to appear in Dawn of Justice it can't be long before his daughter Cassandra Cain makes an appearance as Batgirl,but before that we want to see robin.Ben Affleck's Batman has been described as an older veteran version of the character and it has been stated that Nightwing(Dick Grayson) and Batman had a falling out which led to them separating so why not introduce another Robin.

Jason Todd isn't too popular with the fans and The Red Hood is likely out of question so the perfect Robin for the movie would be Tim Drake and introduce Nightwing and Batgirl(Cassandra Cain) in Justice League and Barbara Gordon's Batgirl should also make an appearance then introduce Red Hood in the second or third Batman reboot film and make a live action version of Son of Batman to introduce Damian Wayne and that's how you make the entire Bat family.

Give Stephen Amell a cameo as Oliver Queen:

Stephen Amell has confirmed that he will not be making an appearance in Dawn Of Justice but who knows there are still about two years to the movie and they need to give Amell a Cameo as Oliver Queen a cameo towards the end signing a deal with Bruce Wayne or something like that and whispering in Wayne's ear " I know and I can help you" and then fade into black or something along the lines of that though Amell has confirmed he is not making an appearance in Dawn Of Justice so this is likely not to happen but it would be awesome if it did.

No more oddball casting decisions:

Let's be honest here has Batman vs Superman really given us casting that we really agree with I mean we got the social Luther, the Fast and Furious Wonder Woman and of course Batfleck. We really haven't agreed with any of the casting choices that Snyder has made for the film besides that of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and we don't know much of Ray Fisher as Cyborg. If Snyder does indeed plan to include more Justice League members like Flash,Green Lantern or even the Martian Manhunter played by actors like Ryan Gosling and Chris PIne you know someone we expect.


What do you think about my suggestions


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