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I absolutely hate spoilers, so be prepared; if you spoil a movie, book, or game for me, you better start running, because I will hunt you down. Here are some of the trailers that have dropped the ball and given away just one too many plot twists, how the movie ends or in the case of the first trailer, the complete plot of the movie completely.

Be forewarned that if you have not seen any of these movies... be careful and don't click on the trailers unless you have no interests.

Free Willy

Now I have never seen this movie for two reasons:
1. I don't think that I will like it.
2. I saw the trailer and it more or less shows the entire movies main story in under 2 minutes.

Cast Away

Its a great movie, and there are a few trailers out there for it, but this one has a part with his friend telling him that he had been lost for four years. What? Total giveaway!


They show the ending of the movie in the trailer... Who does that?

Terminator Salvation

In this trailer they reveal that Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is a Terminator. If they cut out the reveal and the interrogation from the trailer scenes it would have set up a bigger shock for the audience.

Are there any trailers that you have seen that have given away major plot twists?


which one of these trailers do you think gives away the most


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