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This is a little fan theory that has been going around for a long time but one I took the liberty of telling of all you. The theory goes that Batman actually has no villains, when Bruce came back from his training determined to rid Gotham of crime there wasn't any major criminals there so out of pity Alfred created all of his villains either playing them himself or hiring actors to do it with the Wayne fortune. I think this is a very credible and sweet theory if you think about it. Just imagine Bruce slides the cowl over his face and swings out the cave to go on his patrol whilst Alfred sneaks into a backroom smears white paint over his face, sprays his hair green, opens a locked cupboard to an aged purple suit, pulls out lipstick and decorates his lips he then turns to look at a mirror and forces a crooked smile. Everything he does he does for Bruce even if he doesn't want to the Death in and Death of the family stories were all just to get Bruce to hang up his cape and cowl. Alfred has always been there for Bruce even if Bruce didn't know it he may not have given Bruce the help he wanted but he sure as hell gave Batman the help he so desperately needed.

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Every time you think you've seen Joker with Alfred he has hired someone else to play the psychotic clown, maybe he acquired the help of respected psychiatrists such as Harleen Quinzel and Hugo Strange to help on his endevour as Batman would be the most interesting thing ever to study. Maybe he acquired the help of Harvey Dent after the 'incident' since Harvey knew his life wouldn't be the same afterwards he would dedicate it to helping cure a good man and an old friend this could be applied to Hush and Penguin as well. Okay maybe some villains have become real but that could be down to either they have turned psycho after being hired or are just following the trend. Don't forget most of Batmans rogues gallery are powerless just normal humans with a grudge against the Bat. I see no reason to why Alfred could be Ra's. He's clearly a smart guy, he can handle himself in a fight and Talia is his real life daughter who bared Batmans child, again, to make Batman quit being who he is. Alfred acquired the help of an old friend Jim Gordon to take the job he was offered at Gotham so he could make sure that Bruce was kept busy, so they could always keep an eye on him and so Batman felt wanted, then Jim let his daughter hang around with him as to get a closer eye on Bruce.

It all fits if you look at it properly.


Do you think Alfred could have set this all up to make Bruce feel he had a purpose?


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