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Its been a long time since we did a complete comic book reviews list. If you like seeing all of our reviews on one page please leave us a comment below. This week on Geeked Out Nation we covered a ton of reviews for you. From Spider-Man to Dick Grayson, all the way to the 80s we made sure to provide you with a tone of great stuff.

Avengers Undercover #7

With issue #7 of Avengers Undercover, the story has taken us and the group on one heck of an emotional roller coaster. What was supposed to be simply infiltrating the Masters of Evil to take them down from the inside has turned into something completely different at this point. The temptations are strong, and the trials are harder than any of them would have expected. The consequences as well.

Chastity #1

Being a huge fan of the 80s and a fan of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer the idea behind the new series simply titled “Chastity” really spoke to me. To think that we could combine Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the 80s lifestyle was just something that I needed to see. This series marks the return of a 90s character from the Dynamite Chaos era. Of course the character has been tweaked some to allow the modern day audience to feel more comfortable reading.

Review: X #15

Arcadia is sure proving to be that city you’d have to be crazy to visit voluntarily. Corruption, violence, and much more swallow the streets of Arcadia and all hell is sure to always break loose. With X there has always been a steady escalation of problems and that much is what keeps this story exciting. It started as a one man war against all the crime in Arcadia, and now we have Arcadia in the grip of a war between the old gangs and the newly arrived militia known as “The Chosen”.

New Suicide Squad #1

New Suicide Squad #1 had an interesting start. There was a lot of fear that this series may lose people just because of the additions to the team, Joker’s Daughter to be specific. While some parts were good, New Suicide Squad #1 feels like it may be trying a bit hard to do something new rather than maintain what was already working for the team. You get that things changed because Waller failed, but those changes could have been handled a bit better.

Death Vigil #1

When they say Death Vigil is fun and fantasy mixed together, that just doesn’t do this issue justice. In fact calling it goth doesn’t as well, you love the fact that they joke around with the idea of goth. They look goth, but certainly are not Gothic. Death Vigil is a door opening to a new world where there is fun in the idea that you can do all the amazing things you see here, but the only catch being that you have to die first. It should be worth mentioning from every person that this series is both written and painted by Stjepan Sejic. There is no question of whether that is gifted or not, that is quite the accomplishment for how both turned out overall.

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