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World domination has started for the apes! As expected, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" takes the box office crown this weekend with a staggering 73 million for it's debut. Over 10 million the predicted estimations but I did mention it would break 60 mil easily. Big drop to #2 is "Transformers: Age of Extinction" earning an additional 16.5 mil as it passes the 200 mil mark. Holding ground at #3 is "Tammy" with another 12.9 mil as it tries to reach 100 mil cume but will likely fall short. Holding at #4 is "22 Jump Street" earning 6.7 mil more as it tries to make its way to 200 mil cume but will also likely fall short. Rounding off the top 5 is "How to Train Your Dragon 2" with 5.9 mil extra and has reached 152 mil cume which isn't as hopeful of a number as most expected.

New movies next week:
With most of the big ones out of the way for the Summer, we have three new films this weekend at the box office. A new animated film from Disney, "Planes: Fire & Rescue" which is the sequel to "Planes" based on the Disney/Pixar "Cars" franchise. Should do well with so few family friendly films in the market place right now and should hit 25 mil to open. Next up is another sequel, "Purge: The Anarchy" following the success of it's predecessor "The Purge" and look for it in the mid teen-range. Lastly, the comedy "Sex Tape" and estimations are in the 30+ range but I have a feeling it will fall short of that.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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