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Ok, be honest here; are you like me and only watched the first half of the World Cup Final of Germany vs Argentina just because BBC [Doctor Who](series:200668) announced on Twitter and Facebook that there was going to be a trailer during the halftime mark? If so *High Five*! If not, you get a high five anyway, because we have to celebrate this wonderful insight to the new series!

I don't know about you, but I was rather impatient once I heard the news. I don't even like football, but alas I watched the first half with my family, saw the trailer and then disappeared to write this. If you haven't already done so, please watch the trailer above as it contains many things about series 8 and I do not want to deprive you of seeing its secrets!

Oh where to begin, where to begin! I guess the beginning would be appropriate? Since the 50th I have noticed that the camera work and quality of the trailers and episodes have increased greatly. I am a sucker for great camera shots and sweeps, and so far I am not disappointed. With snippets of the TARDIS,(as seen in previous clips, in distress and burning) Clara, looking somewhat shocked and a Dalek voice speaking in that classic cold voice we know all to well, saying "Life Returns. Life Prevails." I was already getting shivers. Is the Dalek talking about the Doctor or is it talking about the Dalek race, OR and this is just a thought... Is it talking about something or someone else entirely?

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Finally we get the clips we have been waiting for, no more hiding in the shadows for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, we now get to see him in the light with a brilliant few lines of dialogue and dramatic music in the background adding to the intensity to the whole situation. And to add to it all we get some snapshots of some enemies, new and old at that! From this short clip of seeing Capaldi as the Doctor, I am getting an exciting feeling that he really will be a brilliant regeneration.

Doctor: "I'm the Doctor. I'v lived for over 2000 years. I'v made many mistakes. It's about time that I did something about that."
Clara: "Where are we going?"
Doctor: "Into Darkness."
Vastra: "Here we go again.
Doctor: "Clara, tell me, am I a good man?"
Clara: "I...Don't know..."
A quick look at some of the Doctor's enemies
A quick look at some of the Doctor's enemies

Monsters new and old, from a metal-looking Silurian to an alien that looks like it has came straight out of Star Wars, the new series looks really promising on the alien side of things! Maybe this series won't be as concentrated on Earth as it has in other past series? However it seems we definitely will have an episode based in Victorian London once more involving Vastra, Jenny and Strax and Dinosaurs! (At least one angry looking Tyrannosaurus-Rex!)

We have an exciting series coming up Whovians! Where is our own TARDIS when we need it? Bring on August 23rd! It's time we knew him...

Please leave your thoughts down below! As always I love to hear your thoughts and theories!


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