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Not everybody was a fan of [Man of Steel](movie:15593) but the fame it received came from the fact that it was on the the big screen. While TV shows gather a good amount of fans, movies gather 50 times as much fans.

People usually make a bigger deal about them than about TV shows, but days like today, TV shows are starting to look more like movies due to higher budgets and great storytelling and acting. CW's [Arrow](series:720988) is a great example of how a TV show that stays grounded enough can be considered to be movie material, but is it good enough for the DC ? IF THE TWO UNIVERSES MERGED, what would it mean for the fans, for DC overrall??

We have a Green Arrow and a Flash

Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell
Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell

Yes we officially have two more [Justice League](movie:401267) members but are they good enough representations of their characters?


Stephen Amell has the looks (but where's the goatee?), good acting skills and looks awesome beating up the bad guys but is he the Green Arrow we know from the comics? No. But this isn't the fault of Stephen Amell rather the writers who wrote Green Arrow as more of a Batman character, he is still a team player and a playboy AND an experienced archer, but he isn't light enough, he's too dark and too emotional (typical of CW). He is getting there though, already us fans are beginning to see that Stephen Amell is slowly becoming the character from the comics. Once he gets there, just add a goatee and PEOPLE WE HAVE GREEN ARROW!!


Yeah I know, he isn't blonde but Grant Gustin surely embraces the character and so far, from what I've seen from the pilot, this Flash seems pretty legit. He is young but his character will probably progress just like Green Arrow. If you don't like his current costume don't worry, it's going to change for the better according to **Spoiler Alert** the newspaper in the pilot (symbol on his chest changes from Red to White).

We have a Deathstroke, Deadshot, Merlyn, Clock King, Count Vertigo, Solomon Grundy, Ra's Al Ghul and a Harley Quinn

Villains like Deathstroke, Merlyn, Clock King, and even Deadshot have received praise for their powerful performances and their menacing interpretations of their characters. These characters could easily fit on the big screen due to their realistic performances (though Deathstroke would need a more appropriate costume fit for film). As for Solomon Grundy, Ra's Al Ghul and Harley Quinn we've only seen short mentions of their characters, they could appear later on the show, who knows? And as for Count Vertigo, We'll be getting a new one soon so don't worry if you didn't like Seth Gabel's performance. We'll see how the new one does.

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We have a Professor Zoom, Weather Wizard, and a Killer Frost

And so begins the Rogues Gallery (not including Killer Frost), hopefully these characters will end up being fan favorites!

We have a Vibe, Atom, Huntress, Firestorm, Red Arrow, and a Black Canary

As usual, several different heroes are thrown into the mix as well, and while we may not know how Vibe, The Atom, and Firestorm will turn out, we do have an idea of what Huntress, Arsenal, and um... Laurel are like (No, Sara is NOT Black Canary!!). So far they have received mixed reactions from fans which is not a good sign, but time will tell if fans will warm up to these characters eventually (and if the writing for them will improve). Besides they look frickin awesome when they are fighting.

But what about [Gotham](series:1127075), Constantine, and Green Lantern?

Green Lantern had a different Carol Ferris from the one I saw in Man of Steel so, no, it is not part of continuity. I doubt Gotham will be in the DCCU considering the different look for the characters, and Constantine...?? Mmmmaybbbee, if NBC doesn't cancel it too quickly then it might have a chance.

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