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Amy Witcher Richau

Christopher Walken is an impossible actor to describe in one word: quirky, intense, funny, disturbing, hilarious - and that can all be from one performance in one film. Which makes the thought of seeing him on live TV a wonderful, wonderful thing to imagine.

NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt just announced that Walken will be on live TV later this year starring as Captain Hook in NBC's TV adaptation of Peter Pan. After the huge success of the live TV musical The Sound of Music last year it's not surprising that NBC is trying to strike gold twice.

Greenblatt hinted at what we can expect from Walken:

“He might really be a song and dance man at heart,” Greenblatt told critics. “He’s fearless as a comedic actor and always comes to play. I guarantee you he’s going to bring his own spin to Captain Hook. He might be the first tap-dancing Captain Hook.”

No word yet on any of the other cast members in Peter Pan or when the show will air, although Greenblatt mentioned that he needs actors until December 5th, so that might end up being the date Peter Pan airs.

I, for one, will be more tempted to tune in to see Peter Pan knowing that someone as cool and unpredictable as Walken will be there. In case you need a refresher on Walken's song and dance skills check out the amazing mashup below.


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