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Four episodes down, six to go. We’re starting to run out of people to kill so let’s see if the writers can contain themselves a bit more as the rest of this last season goes on. On the bright side Anna Camp is back as Sarah Newlin and there’s some movement on Hep-V.

Alcide is dead. Death caused by taking a bullet to the head to protect Sookie but mostly because it’s the last season and that’s what we’re doing now. Sookie and Jason deliver the bad news to the families of Mrs. Thorntonberry and Alcide. It’s more depressing on Jason’s end because Hoyt was glamored to forget both Jason and Jessica. It hurts and is a solid way to begin the episode.

The biggest highlight of this season are the flashbacks of Pam and Eric’s past. Tonight we get to see how they get to Shreveport and the building that will one day become Fangtasia. The whole thing is full of Pam being Pam. She’s swearing, being sarcastic and wearing one of the most 1980′s outfits she could find. Shoulder pads included. Cut to 1996 when Ginger enters their life and the comedy is taken to a whole new level. Tara Buck as Ginger has been the most reliable comic relief of this show and she once again rises up to the challenge. Her reaction to the vampire movies and to the hunk of a man that Eric is, is nothing short of hysterical.

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Eric is back to being very involved in what’s happening and the show is really much better off for it. Same goes for Pam. They bring a different feel to the show. They not only bring the comedy but also some camp. That’s been such a major problem with this season. It’s been doing far too much in the dramatic department. It’s been pushing it too hard instead of staying the campy, supernatural dramedy that [True Blood](series:200767) always has been.

Once again the entire thing with Sookie, Andy, Sam and Jason looking for Arlene and Nicole is the most contrived and convoluted mess. It makes absolutely no sense that no one has thought to look in the former vampire bar as a possible safe haven for vampires. It’s extremely confusing and makes everyone on the show look stupid. All it’s really doing is keeping Arlene and Nicole in the story which is fine but it could have been done a bit differently.

Overall the episode is not a disaster like the previous two have been. There’s a lot of very strong comedic moments which is something this show is known for. Putting Pam and Eric back in the mix of the action is the best way to go. Things are just not the same without the two of them. The big action piece at the end of the episode is very well done. It’s a little better than some previous seasons. Aside from some minor hiccups, this was the best episode of the season so far. It felt like we were watching a previous season and not the mess that was last season or the first few episodes of this season.

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