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After a 2 week hiatus due to the 4th of July, Girl Meets World is back and this week’s episode revolves around communication. Like the previous episode and every Boy Meets World episode before it, its all about sending a message that will teach you a life lesson. Anyone that thought that concept would have been lost in the remake/reboot is surly mistaken. Producer/Creators Michael Jacobs and April Kelly have not forgotten what gave them a fan base in the past and they are showing that every episode will teach you something.

The concept for this episode has to deal with how young kids and the community itself have lost the ability to communicate and socialize. Cell phones have become such a major priority in our young people’s lives that no one ever really takes the time to get to know someone in person. Because of this Corey has decided to give his students a task where cell phones and the internet cannot be used for research or communication. Instead the students must use the “ancient” form of book reading to complete the assignment.

In typical BMW (Boy Meets World) fashion the friends all end up paired together and embark on a journey to the school’s library. There communication is had and a character finds a new talent they never knew they existed. Two characters finally have some alone time to get to know one another and a new found respect for socializing is discovered.

So, how was the second episode of “Girl Meets World? Well, a solid improvement over the first. It’s not remarkable or groundbreaking, but it is something that can be looked at as a step above the rest of the Disney series line-up. The characters seem to be growing and developing if only at a slow pace but they are growing. We learn a bit more about Lucas and see that he is not just a dumb pretty face for Riley obsess over.

Filled with some legitimate laughs and a few very dull moments this episode is showing that the series has some legs and is convincing me that it has a chance to improve as it goes on. Throughout the episode we see moments that appear to have been lifted directly from BMW and thanks to the chemistry between Maya and Riley it’s clear that the two will give older fans a reminder of Cory and Shawn. I also enjoyed the touch about Maya not have the funds to afford a smart phone, it gave a real life perspective that not all kids have that luxury.

And although still not a major fan of the character Farkle, he did have some moments that made me chuckle. Mix those moments with a few adult jokes that no kid under the age of 15 would understand and it looks like I’m sticking with the show for another week.



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