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When my dog was put to sleep it was one of the toughest moments of my life, so this beautiful, real life Marley and Me story about a three-legged dog named Duke living his final day hits particularly close to home.

Duke had already had one leg removed due to cancer but unfortunately it wasn't enough to stop the horrible disease. Owner Jordan Roberts was left with no choice but to put Duke down.

However, before Duke went to sleep for the final time, Roberts did something that I think was an amazing gift to her four-legged family member: She gave him the best final day possible.

Firstly, Duke was given a delicious hamburger party.

The ultimate forbidden food for a dog was the perfect last meal for Duke, I love the look in his eyes as he chomps down, savouring the treat.


Duke and Jordan bonded, as they always had.

After his hamburger party, Duke shared this touching moment in the car with Jordan on the way to the park. This really brought me to tears, Duke's eyes really are a window to the soul.


At the park Duke enjoyed his final frolic in the water.

Duke even broke one last rule by playing in a children's water park!


But a final day can't last forever and under the trees in a local park, Duke's friends and family gave their final hugs and kisses to this precious pooch.

And Duke took his final nap.

Rest in Peace Duke, your lust for life even on your last day has touched the hearts of many dog lovers, including myself.

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(Source: DailyMail)

(Images: Robyn Arouty)


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