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He might be a huge heartthrob and the eternal apple of millions of Twihard's eyes, but that doesn't mean Robert Pattinson doesn't suffer from moments of self doubt like the rest of us.

In an interview at Cannes film festival that has been translated by Thinking of Rob, the 28-year-old actor explained how painful audition anxiety almost caused him to step out of Hollywood for good.

Pattinson revealed that ever since he finished the Twilight series, he's only had about three auditions because it gives him too much unbearable nervous energy. [The Rover](movie:395105) star said that;

I get so much anxiety, I just can't.. I hated it and I was almost about to quit entirely before Twilight, I hated auditioning so much

Whereas I am sure we are all glad landing the role of Edward Cullen gave Rob some much needed confidence - being one of the most famous young actors in Hollywood hasn't been a walk in the park.

R-Patz also told interviewers how he struggled to deal with the endless rumors churned up about him in the press. He explained how;

Most of the time I'm trying to hide things from everyone. Hiding more than revealing. I kind of struggle to not reveal too much

It's not all bad though. Pattinson's role in The Rover has earned him a large amount of critical acclaim including praise from Tarantino himself, every actor has to be impressed with that!


What do you think Rob should do if he quits acting?

(Source: EN Starz)


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