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While just the most basic skills of human judgement might tell you that poems are not for adapting into movies and corpses are not for having sex with, James Franco has gone and challenged both of these assumptions and made a shocking short film about them...

Last week, the controversy-soaked actor and wannabe intellectual released an anthology of poems entitled Directing Herbert White and this week, he released the short on which his poems are based to Vice.

The movie, which Franco made when he was a film student, features Take Shelter star Michael Shannon having sex with a corpse. Personally, Shannon is the only reason I'm watching this. But check it out for yourselves and see what you think:

Franco's Herbert White is adapted from Frank Bidart's poem of the same name, and by the look of it, it provides an ominous peek into the mind of a necrophiliac child-murderer.

Art, in movie form, now it seems to be a lot more about the shock factor and the "beauty through disgust" element. Sure, dark inner turmoil is a lot of fun - but coming from Franco? Not so much...

What do you think of Franco's film school project Herbert White?


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