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Us Vampire Diaries fans had to say goodbye to a lot of familiar faces at the end of season five, but Mystic Falls is repopulating! A new mysterious character named 'Sarah' is set to join the crew, but will her "shady" agenda be able to offer us anything positive?

The new character - who is set to be played by Gabrielle Walsh of [Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones](movie:1079133) - sounds like bad news to me, but as always in TVD universe, characters are rarely fully on the side of good or evil...

Gabrielle Walsh who will play Sarah
Gabrielle Walsh who will play Sarah

Fans can look forward to meeting the "spunky" and “street smart" Sarah in the season premiere of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) season six, but that gives us plenty of time to speculate about what she might be up to!

Bonnie's Relative

Gabrielle Walsh and Kat Graham
Gabrielle Walsh and Kat Graham

Although they are hardly two peas in a pod, there is speculation that Sarah could be related to Bonnie. Maybe her 'shady' side could involve her trying to hide her identity to figure out what the people who accidentally killed her family member is like?

Or, more interestingly, hiding her powers. At the moment nobody supernatural can get into Mystic Falls, but maybe Sarah could unmask herself as a witch with such skill she could not only get into the town, but also potentially hatch a plan to get Bonnie and Damon back....

Are you sure you got ALL the Travelers?

Markos and his army of Travelers might have been BBQed by Damon and Elena in operation Kaboom, but maybe some of them managed to escape?

Whereas the explosion did look pretty devastating, it is entirely possible some stray Travelers remain. Could Sarah be a mysterious follower of Markos?

Doppelgänger detective

The doppelgänger magical blood is a draw for numerous groups. We have seen Elena and Stefan being attacked by Travelers, Qetsiyah and Luke and Liv the witches. Could Sarah be after this blood for a mysterious reason?


What do you think Sarah might be up to in Mystic Falls?

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