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So I’ve found a new obsession: Witches of East End. Now, I always come to shows late, and that’s because I live in the boonies and I’m nearly a cave man in that I don’t have satellite or cable (GASP!) Anyway, this means that I’m just now finishing up season one of Witches of East End, but I’m ok with that. The bonus of only having Netflix for entertainment is that I can watch all of the season at my own pace, which is typically fast.

So, if you haven’t seen Witches of East End, it’s about a mother and her two daughters who are living a pretty normal, quiet life, until this black cat shows up, is hit by a car and revealed to be a woman. This woman is Wendy, the aunt of the daughters and the sister of the mother. And she’s a witch. No, not just her, but the mother and daughters are too, but to keep her daughters safe, the mother hasn’t told them about their abilities.

I love witches. I mean, I’m absolutely over the moon about them. I had watched Charmed a little when I was younger, but just couldn’t get into it because it was too juvenile. The sisters didn’t seem to act like actual people would, and the only way you would find so many men that were the ideal guy was truly in a fantasy world. Needless to say, Charmed did nothing for me. I know, don’t hate me.

But this show is EVERYTHING I’d wanted Charmed to be. It shows characters and situations you can actually relate to. It shows men more realistically than Charmed (and hot, OMG Killian needs to marry me)! This show has magic, it has strong women, it has hot men, and it is just amazing. The storyline is gripping and pulls you in, and it weaves myth and creativity together so well. The thing that I love about it is the realism. I’m a firm believer that fantasy should still be realistic. If it’s based on Earth, it should still conform to what the viewer knows of Earth, just slightly changed to fit the story. This show does that, and I love it!


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