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When it comes to television, there are some joys that're too simple - too pure - to ever be corrupted: Watching to see who'll get killed next on Game of Thrones; Waiting for the twisty, cruel end of episode sting on Scandal; Anything involving The Muppets.

Now, it used to be that to that list we could add Once Upon a Time, and the constant guessing game of which classic Disney character would appear next.

That is, until a tumblr-er by the name of cmschneids came along, and - in one fell swoop - magically swept everything we ever knew away.

That's right - Once Upon a Time has been hiding something.


Something...that can never - never - be unseen...

So read on at your own risk - especially if you're not all caught up on the show, as thar be SPOILERS ahead)

The Secret:

Remember Emma, and that incorrigible rascal Hook?

Yup, those two.
Yup, those two.

Did anything about the two of them strike you as being a little...familiar?

Something out of place?

Almost as'd seen their love story before?

Almost as though, somewhere, their story had gotten mixed up with someone else's. Confused, somehow. Tangled, even.

Wait a minute...


Oh. Snap.
Oh. Snap.


That's right. Tangled.

Is the exact same story as Emma and Hook's.

Don't see it yet? Well, then away we go:

The Beginning:

We meet a princess, taken away from her parents, raised not knowing who her real family is, or where she's from. She's lovable, and blonde, and has huge eyes.

I mean, yeah, sure, but seriously - So far, so every-other-Disney-movie, right?

The Meet-Cute:

The princess soon meets a charismatic, untrustworthy thief - who, via being tied up for a while - agrees to help her find her way home. The only problem? He's only doing it for selfish reasons...

I mean, OK, it's getting there, but we're still talking pretty broad Brothers Grimm stuff, here. It's not like every scene looks exactly the same.

The Journey:

They fight, and flirt, and practically bubble over with romantic and sexual tension - but, eventually, they get to their destination.

I mean, sure - but that's just a part of most movies and TV nowadays, right?

Well, yeah, but they're not usually quite as close as this:

Wow...Right down to the backdrops, huh?

The Dramatic Tension:

They argue, and fight their feelings for one another - and she has to learn to trust him despite the things he's done - but, eventually, she persuades him that he can be a good man, if he only tries to be one.

I mean... The boat, even...

The Ending:

Which, after a huge sacrifice on his part, eventually leads her to be reunited with her family - and for the pair to realize that they love each other. In adorable fashion.

Ah, OK. But Emma is constantly being reunited with her family - it's not as though the show filmed one of them in almost the exact same way or anything...

Except for that time where they totally did.

And that's...that's just one of them...


Just Look at Them:

I mean...

It's not just me, right?

That really isn't what Captain Hook looked like in the old days...

Yep, that's more like it...
Yep, that's more like it...

Whereas it's very much what this rogue-ish young man looked like back in 2010...

Which makes sense - for one, very specific reason:

Once Upon a Time's Emma and Hook storyline is straight up, no shadow of a doubt, abso-freakin'-lutely, Tangled.

And they tried to sneak it in, right under our noses.

The...incorrigible rascals...

Ah, well, at least we've seen the light now.

And you know what that means, Tangled fans! I feel way better.

[Once Upon a Time](series:720994) returns this Fall - with characters from Frozen, which, let's be honest, may as well have been called Tangled 2: The Ice-ening.


What do you guys think? Is Emma and Hook's romance just Tangled in disguise?



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