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Jonathan J Moya

The latest leaked spoilers for Colin Treverrow's Jurassic World is a nifty little Jurassic World guide that was made up for extras as a prop.

Among the commercial sponsors are Fedex, Coca-Cola, StarBucks, Samsung and American Airlines. Jimmy Fallon has a cameo as the host of the Gyrosphere instructional video.

Other ride and park highlights outlined in the guide are a Gentle Giant's Petting Zoo, a T-Rex Kingdom, Mosasaurus Feeding Show, Creation Lab, Jungle Trek, a Pteranadon Aviary, A Scrambler spinning ride, a Bamboo Forest filled with prehistoric fauna and flora, an Underwater Observatory, and a Cretaceous Cruise that features 100 species of prehistoric life.

The spotter's guide identifies 16 different dinosaurs. Like Walt Disney World resort guests, Jurassic World visitors use a scanner band to get access to the attractions.


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