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Matt Carter

Stop what you are doing and pay attention: Daryl Dixon is in really big trouble.

EW has released the first official image from The Walking Dead Season 5 and it features a bound and gagged Mr Dixon (Norman Reedus) looking very battered and bruised.

Check it out:

So who's behind this act of barbarity? My guess is the sickos at Terminus are responsible for tying him up and going to work on his face, but how he gets out of this is anybody's guess. Could it be possible that he doesn't get out of it at all?

I'm also intrigued to know what he's looking up at. Is it some kind of depraved torture device? Perhaps it's a meat slicer ready to slice and dice Daryl into small pieces - after all, the Termites do seem to be hungry for human flesh. There could also be a more innocent explanation, although I really doubt that.

Whatever the reason for Daryl's incarceration, there could be riot in the streets if anything bad happens to him.


What's Daryl looking at?

(Source EW)


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