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"Lava" is the next short to be released alongside a Pixar feature film. Sadly, that means most people won't be able to see it until it is shown alongside next year's Inside Out.

But Pixar has recently released the first rendered image from the short. And it's pretty tough to believe anyone else could make this thing happen.

You see, the short mimics some of Pixar's other high-concept shorts like "Night and Day" and "The Blue Umbrella." This one in particular is about a love story centering around a...volcano.

Don't believe me? Check this out:

"Lava" spans millions of years for its story. But don't worry, Pixar is brilliant at keeping these things short.

If you can't wait an entire year to check this out, you can actually watch the premier next week. If you're in town for the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan, that is.

Inside Out (and "Lava") opens in theaters, June 2015.

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