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Call of Duty: Advanvced Warfare is on the horizon and with it a question that many wish to know the answer to - Will there be Quick Scoping? What it is. How to do it and watch the pros? Will we see it in Advanced Warfare?

If you are unsure of what Quick Scoping is, do not fear i will come to that below but first the reasoning behind this short piece is thus:

- After receiving an email last week to our community address ([email protected]) complaining about COD:Ghosts (1 of many shh..) our editor who is feeling rather inspired at the moment decided to take action against the accusations written within the email.

The email was titled "It really sucks that you cant QS in Ghosts"

Fortunately our Editor here at Gamertag Gaming is rated within the top 2% of Call of Duty players in the world and knows a good thing or two about Quick Scoping.

So this afternoon he went into battle armed with his trusty Sniper and provided us all with proof that, Yes, you can Quick Scope in Ghosts!

He did however say - "With Ghosts, they tried immensely hard to control the Quick Scopers of MW2 & 3 and in many cases did a good job, it is considerably harder to QS in Ghosts but not impossible"

Lets look a little deeper before we see GG editor hit the multiplayer scene bent on Quick Scoping fury, lets first find out exactly what Quick Scoping is, how it is done and finally how the developers of Call of Duty: Ghosts tried to kill the Quick Scoper.

What is Quick Scoping?

In essence Quick scoping is the act of zooming in or "aiming down the sights" with a sniper rifle and firing almost immediately after.

The term became really famous/infamous with the Call of Duty series, but the action itself goes way back to early FPS like CounterStrike. Sniper rifles do full damage, but were terribly inaccurate unless scoped. As soon as you hit the "aim" button the accuracy immediately became perfect, so staying in scope (known as "hardscoping") wasn't needed.

It is basically a way of taking down an enemy with one bullet rather than 20. It is certainly very tricky business however. i will run you through the basic process. I will share some COD wisdom with you.

How to get good at QS:

First - Practice your timing. Quick scoping is based entirely on timing and muscle memory. Practice raising your scope and learn how long it take for the scope to become "active". Raise and lower your scope over and over to get the timing down.

Create your quick scope loadout. In order to successfully quick scope, you will need some specific attachments and perks before you start playing. Try this example loadout, and tweak it based on your playstyle and preferences.

Play against bots. Use the Combat Training option to play against computer controlled opponents. Set them to easy difficulty so that they don't kill you immediately. This will give you a lot of moving targets to practice your quick scoping skills on.

Don't move while shooting. Even though you should be constantly moving between shots, be sure to stop for a split second while you take the shot. This will keep your accuracy from being penalized due to movement. As soon as you take the shot, start moving again.

Practice again and again. Quick scoping is a skill that is all feel and muscle memory. You won't get it right away, but don't get discouraged. Keep at it, and you'll be getting hate mail in no time.

Understand no-scoping. No-scoping means taking a shot without raising the scope, or firing the sniper rifle from the hip. The shot will almost never shoot straight at your crosshairs, and will instead shoot randomly in a cone. Steady Aim will lower this cone, but it is still randomized. No-scoping is almost always purely luck.

It is the most effective way of putting people down in Call of Duty however due to this fact and how difficult it is to master, the general gaming community were unable to get the hang of it and could not fight against it, so by popular demand Ghosts was tweaked by developers at Infinity Ward to attempt to kill off the Quick scoping. Here is the official blurb:

Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin explains how they adapted the sniper and how they feel it would effect the Quick Scopers:

“The changes we’ve made, like dual render scopes and increased damage really make snipers a great competitive class to use. We’ve also done a lot with map design (sight lines and cover) to ensure that all classes are viably effective. Both short range and long range classes will be effective on the same maps.

However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional ‘quick-scoping’ has been affected. [...] Can’t wait for you snipers out there to get your hands on these new sniper rifles and try them out for yourselves.”

As you can see from our beloved editors video below, You still can very much Quick Scope in Call of Duty Ghosts. Will will see Quick Scoping in Call of Duty Advanced warfare later this year? There is only one place to find out..!

Let us know you thoughts on Quick Scoping. Are you a quick scoper? Are you always falling victim to quick scopers and feel it should be banned? Please let us know below.

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