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As most of us already know, Michael Bay's Transformers films have been the subject of scathing, venomous reviews from the critics. They are also used as a common example of how "sequels and remakes" are running uncontrollably in the film industry. Bay has said time and time again that he did not care what the critics said, and that his movies are for a less critical audience. Because of this, one scene in [Transformers: Age of Extinction](movie:206531) may show how he really feels about the critics of his films.

In one of the first scenes of the movie, Mark Whalberg's character Cade Yeager goes to an abandoned movie theater to look for parts for his inventions. There he finds the theater's elderly landlord (played by Richard Riehle) and his grandson (played by Patrick Bristow).

Richard Riehle in the 2014 film: Primrose Lane
Richard Riehle in the 2014 film: Primrose Lane

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The landlord made his introduction by complaining about all the sequels and remakes Hollywood is putting out today. He points to a poster of the 1966 John Wayne film El Dorado and says that "that was a good one." As a response, his grandson tells Cade that his grandfather is "old and senile."

The landlord then reminisces about the films of his days, fondly remembering the movies with "the girls with the big cha-chas." To this, his son says to Cade: "I swear to God: I am one diaper change away from poisoning his oatmeal."

It seems pretty obvious what Micahel Bay thinks of his critics. He likely sees them as old, senile people who are stuck in the past and wear diapers. Ouch.

Even though Bay did not write the film, it is possible that he suggested the scene to strike back at the critics of his work. Perhaps Michael Bay does care what his critics say after all.

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Did Michael Bay mock the critics?


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