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Hello everyone Critic :)

Now for those of you who have yet to watch it, you are probably asking yourselves 'Is dominion worth watching?' Read this review to find out.

Dominion is about what happens after God disappears and is based on the 2010 movie 'Legion'. After Gods disapearence the angels blamed humanity and set out to destroy them. At the begining we are introduced to the main character named Alex who is the chosen one that Michael saved years before. But Alex doesn't want to be the chosen one and leaves Vega, only to return later because Michael is wounded by another angel.

Alex is in love with one of Vegas leaders daughter's who, much to his dismay, is set to marry her best friend for the good of Vega. And Michaels brother is planning the destruction of Vega with both lower and higher demons.

One of the biggest differences in the two types of angels is that lower angels have to take over a humans body to remain on earth and once they do you can still tell them apart from humans because of the dark eyes and their skin is very pale. And unlike higher angels lower angels do not posses wings.

Higher angels on the other hand are impossible to tell apart from a human, as long as there wings are not out. Even Michael cannot tell them apart from a human.

Now to finish this off with the and to if its worth watching or not (Drum roll)

YES!!! This show is simply incredible. From the performances to the action scenes, to the awesome writing this show is full of awesomeness. Be sure to watch legion before checking out Dominion. It is one of the best television series released in many years

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