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A film long since forgotten starring the captivating enigma, Bill Murray, star of Ghostbusters and co-ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd has resurfaced onto youtube.

The pair appear briefly in 'Nothing Lasts Forever', an infamous film written and directed by Saturday Night Live veteran Tom Schiller, starring Gremlins' Zach Galligan as a man caught between two worlds.

Uploaded in 2011, the movie has gone largely unnoticed until this week.

The film was reportedly axed by production company MGM, claiming that it did not test well with audiences. It has been screened at various events over the years, and had a brief resurgence in 2004 when Murray had it included in a retrospective of his work at the BAMcinematek in New York.

Controversially, director Schiller claimed that the picture had been accepted to Cannes twice, but MGM did not allow it to screen there. At a screening in 2010, Schiller had this to say;

"I think they thought it was low-budget or something to get off the hook of their contract, but I had total freedom, no one was watching hardly, and I got to make a personal film with a studio crew."



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