ByAmy Clarke, writer at
Amy Clarke

Call me crazy but I LOVED The Purge and although I haven't seen The Purge 2: Anarchy yet, I am sure it's amazing. Rhys Wakefield is not in The Purge 2 which is disappointing but he died in the first one so I guess him being in the sequel was a bit pretentious.


You are stranded in the streets, no way of getting home. You hear the Purge starting. It's fight or flight for you. Would You Purge?

The story line is better than the first Purge in my opinion. A young couple stranded on the streets because their car broke down and a few young people chasing after them with guns is great for a horror flick. And then you have the man who is going to Purge to avenge his son, all this drama should add up to a great movie.

And I am hoping and praying it will.


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