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In case you needed a reason to follow Mr. Joe Hill on Twitter, he is always ready to share artwork, both fan made and official, and new trailers for films based on his work.

Less than an hour ago, Joe Hill released the UK poster for Horns and the official teaser trailer. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and directed by Alexandre Aja (High Tension) this trailer is looking better than I ever hoped for. Though he started out as a wee Harry Potter, Radcliffe seems like the only actor who could inhabit the role of Ig Perrish.

Based on Hill's novel of the same name, Horns is a decidedly interesting take on the devil and evil and how we may, or may not, be consumed by it. After his girlfriend's mysterious and gruesome death, Ig wakes up with horns sprouting from his head. Where did they come from, what are the implications, why has he been afflicted with them and what, exactly, happened to his girlfriend? There is still plenty of time to read the book before the movie hits theaters and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Even more exciting news came with the release of the poster and teaser trailer; Joe Hill will be attending SDCC for a Horns panel saying, "I suppose this is as good a time and place as any to mention that I will be at San Diego Comic Con this summer, with Daniel Radcliffe and director Alexandre Aja, to do a panel for HORNS. Expect the US poster and trailer then. We’ll probably be showing some clips, too. I’m only a little nervous. We all signed a deal with the devil; I’m sure he’ll take care of everything. I’ll also be signing for LOCKE & KEY, hanging with Gabriel Rodriguez, and doing a panel about comic book projects past and future. See you there."

Isn't it just amazing how much information 140 characters can lead you to?

Will you be at SDCC and attending the Horns panel?



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