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Okay, I am about to give out about the first movie so much so if you expected me to talk it up you are mistaken.

When I first heard of Avatar I though "OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD." I was so wrong. I went to see it with my cousin about a week after it came out and after it we both said the same thing.

"That was soooo boring." "I really didn't get it." "Same I think I fell asleep."

Not only was it 3 HOURS OR 10 MINUTES LONG, which is a duration of a movie only Peter Jackson can make work, but it took so long for the main guy to meet the blue people that when he did all I wanted to do was to shut the god damned movie off.

Then he fell in love with the main blue girl, who reminded me of Pocahontas, and didn't want to kill them (The Blue Organisation of People). I think he got in a row with the humans and got into the teleporter machine thingy and turned blue again. He fought the humans and a girl in a helicopter said a bad word and then they all lived happily ever after.

Hmm... I fell like this pic is better than the movie
Hmm... I fell like this pic is better than the movie

3 hours and 10 minutes for that. That would be a 2 hour movie tops.

Not only did I have to sit through an incredibly dragged out and stupid movie but I had to listen to everyone in my school saying how great it was for the next two months.

Omg that movie was sooooo good.
Yeah I know best movie of the year.
Are you kidding? Best movie ever.

I also heard a little rumour of an [Avatar 3](movie:589170) and 4 coming out. Like two wasn't bad enough.

(If my summary of Avatar is wrong. Please tell me. You see I really do think I dozed off in the cinema)


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