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Colton Douglas

here is a question I've been asking since i first watched the show back in 2012. I somewhat get it, Why would a straight man watch My little Pony? He most be a freak. But they're surpringly awesome and good people.

Bronies have banded together and created (and helped) many charities over the years. The music they make is incredible and their a kind fandom the likes of which many other fandoms should be jealous.

And MLP Fim isn't a bad show either. It has interesting characters and great story-lines throughout all four seasons (Season 5 premieres this fall)

But there is a dark side to this fandom, as there is with many others. And that problem is because of the 'Cloppers'. Cloppers are the bronies whom fap to pornographic images of the ponies. And the kid fans of the show cannot safely search for My Little Pony because of them.

Bronies are actually pretty cool of you get to know the right ones, and the show is incredible for a kids show.


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