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Every single Walking Dead fan is getting the scare of their lives with Entertainment Weekly's shocking sneak peek photo for season 5. What has been every single Dead's fans most horrid nightmare of all nightmares! It is not all the gruesome bloody deaths of the show, not even the decomposed detailed visuals of the lethal zombies. No, the nightmare is a main charecters death! Not just ANY main character, we're talking about THEE fan favorite and panty dropping master Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)!!!!

Things don't look good for Daryl in season 5 TWD
Things don't look good for Daryl in season 5 TWD

With this shocking Image I think it's safe to say that AMC's television hit The Walking Dead season 5 is really going to be a heart stopper!! The show has never been short on shocking and thrilling it's fans. You could almost say they have mastered the ART of survival horror. You never know what's going to happen, you can never expect the jaw dropping moments this show has captures our collective minds, hearts and souls.......but then there's this! This gut wrenching picture that might cause a few heart attacks.......or heartbreaks! Either way I'll be there front and center with my popcorn.

I cannot wait till October!!!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.


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