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Andy Serkis is a busy man! Currently doing promotion for [Dawn of the Planet of the Apes](movie:322904) (you may have seen him on the most recent Wil Wheaton Project!), he is also working on directing an adaptation of The Jungle Book, a live-action version of Animal Farm, a role in Star Wars Episode VII and is a performance capture consultant and actor in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)!

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Serkis touched on his role in the Avengers, and the work that he is doing with Mark Ruffalo for the Hulk.

Serkis is known for his incredible work with motion capture (Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes) and he has recently been helping not just Ruffalo, but the entire cast with the creation of a truly incredible Hulk.

The difference for Mark this time around is that the Imaginarium, which is our performance-capture studio in London that’s providing all the performance capture for the Avengers movie, is providing education. We had to educate the director that the actor owns the role, and what you get on the set is what you should be aiming to put into your cut as the final performance—with the rendering coming later on.

In his role as a consultant, Serkis spent a lot of time helping Ruffalo with motion capture as a medium, making sense of the ways that his movements in the suits will translate to the character on screen.

Also, we worked with Mark in really grounding him and playing with the digital avatar before going on set so he could see himself as the Hulk before going onscreen, and we put weights and inhibitors on him to give him the sense that his arms were these big, giant wrecking balls, and so that his biceps wouldn’t intersect with his body. We equipped him.

It's amazing to think of the shots from filming those scenes! Robert Downey Junior in a suit (wool or iron!), Chris Hemsworth in his cape, Scarlett Johansson in that catsuit...and Mark Ruffalo in a grey leotard with weights hanging from his arms! Not just that, but with the voice being projected and startling the crew...

We also gave him a sound system and pitch-modulated his voice so you could hear the enormous Hulk roar coming out of these speakers, so the crew would go, “Jesus! That’s Hulk on set!”

Of course, Serkis isn't just a consultant for Age of Ultron, he's also got a part, although right now, no-one (outside the production, of course!) knows exactly who he will be playing in the movie.

When asked about the rumors that he will be playing Thanos, the reply was expected...and also leaves a little room for interpretation!

Um…I’d have to deny that character at this point. But I am playing a character. I was really thrilled that Joss Whedon asked me to be involved. It’s fantastic. I’ve had a ball working with them, both as performance capture consultant through the Imaginarium, but also being asked to be in it. But I can’t say anything more!

He may have to deny a specific character, but that is very carefully worded so that it may still be a possibility. All he has really done is to confirm that he is, in fact, going to play a character, and that he is not allowed to say anything further!

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My guess? Not Thanos, but a member of the Black Order - Corvus Glaive, perhaps? Looking at this shot, I feel like it's a distinct possibility!! Of course, he could be doing anything, that's the magic of CGI and motion capture. He could be a bit part alien, a big role as the right hand of Thanos, or even multiple roles across the movie!

Who do you think he will be bringing to life?


Who do you think Andy Serkis will play?


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