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EDIT: With the San Diego Comic-Con happening this upcoming weekend, we have to push back the announcement of the winner to next week A 30th. Thank you for the submissions, and Happy Batman Day to everyone!

Light up the Bat-Signal because we are back again for another Moviepilot giveaway!

This time we're here to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our favorite socialite in a cape, Batman! We are going to be giving away two, that's right, not just one but TWO prize packages! To make the cake even frostier; we're even going to let you pick which package you win! Holy sweet overload, Batman! Our friends over at are letting you choose three Batman themed t-shirts of your very own to rock. Since I have already seen the selection of shirts you get to choose from, you can bet my emotions need the Caped Crusader to come save them from my own depression over not being able to enter the contest myself.

  You da man, Batman!
You da man, Batman!

I know your curiosity is hooked on the line now, right?! So, how can you win some new superhero swag? Just as always, we here at Moviepilot are all about making it fun and easy for you to score big so all you need to do is publish an article related to Batman and tag it [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). If you aren't already a contributor to be able to post, what are you waiting for? Sign up here! It can be anything about our Dark Knight, or his more well adjusted half, Bruce Wayne that you'd like it to be. Only articles that are published as contributors will count to enter into the contest!

Just in case you need some good examples to steer your utility belt in the right direction, here's a small list to get your juices flowing:

  • A top 3-10 list of your favorite Batman characters/sidekicks/villains/moments
  • Compilations of your favorite Batman art/videos/pictures/GIFs
  • Your own opinionated view on the casting of Batman v. Superman
  • Your very own fan-made reenactment of your favorite scene from the movies or an original skit that you came up with
  • Any of that great fan art we always see floating around, or you could try your hand at penning your own comic scene

Whatever Batman inspires in you, is to you, means to you, or just simply what you like about him and his story is exactly what we're looking for. You just can't go wrong.

We will be announcing the winner of the contest on July 23rd since it is appropriately Batman Day, and all! Winners must be located in the USA. What better way to celebrate Gotham's hero than by winning some cool new threads inspired by the brooding Master of the Manor himself.

We can't wait to see what your creative minds come up with this time, Pilots!


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