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The latest news suggests there is a possibility that the next Spider-Man movie will be the last. Well let me tell you what I think…. BullSH*T! The Spider-Man property is way too valuable for Sony to let go down the toilet...again. Now, I do feel that with all the negativity generated by this last movie (It was as crowded as the F-train heading to the city in morning rush hour) that changes need to be made and something needs to happen to energize this franchise, absolutely true. So, with that said we need to see a definitive version of our favorite villain.


It’s time to do it right, because every Spidey fan wants a [Venom](movie:372411) (Sorry Topher) onscreen that is far from what we saw in that "other" franchise. We need to see Eddie Brock played by someone who is screaming A-Hole all over the place. The more of an A-Hole he is, the better Venom will be, since in the comic book he is on the same list as Magneto, Doctor Doom, and the Red Skull as the biggest threats to mankind according to SHIELD. Hell, that's one hell of a fraternity to be a part of.

Time to build on the story line that has brought so much success to the comic book series; time to bring in our favorite sentient alien, the Symbiote! Drop him from a meteor, send him USPS, or make him at OSBORN Labs using play-doe and black spray paint laced with alien stem cells!

It’s no secret that they are plotting a story to have Spidey go up against the Sinister Six. It will require careful handling on how they will introduce the characters, especially Doctor Octopus because let’s admit it, Alfred Molina played it right. However, a nightmarish battle against the [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) can create an opening for the web head to prevail with a little help from the black alien goo that has caused Peter Parker so much drama over the years.

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The emotion that this movie can stir as Spider- Man fights for his very life against the Sinister Six, aided by the mysterious Symbiote, and hounded at the Bugle by Eddie Brock. All leading up to the moment at the end where the Symbiote and Eddie Brock unite and Venom is born! With this plot line, it will open the door to a Spidey vs Venom movie, and if it all works well onscreen, we can then hopefully see a path to CARNAGE onscreen as well.

Now, these two choices of mine to play Venom and Carnage may not agree with several but I believe since he has built such a following as Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles should be a great fit as Eddie Brock. He can switch on that A-Hole button really well and I feel all his hard work in the CW’s best running show should be rewarded with something like this.

Now for Carnage, I vote for Zack Ward! Hell, look at the pics of some of his characters and tell me you don’t see serial killer and sick mthrfkr Cletus Kasady in there!

See what I mean? This recipe could turn this whole franchise around and hopefully give us some of the best Spider-Man movies we have seen on the big screen. Who knows, maybe even top every other Marvel movie as well.


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