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Top 5 Mortal Kombat (1995) fight scenes:

Round 1


You can't touch this!
You can't touch this!

5.) Grand Dinning room fight (Liu Kang- Sonya Blade- Johnny Cage Vs Fighting Monks)

"What? We're standing, they're not.. What more do you want?"

Mortal Kombat theme comes on and a crap load of Fighting Monks arrive, who wins? The three heroes, of course!

4.) Liu Kang Vs Shang Tsung

One of the weaker fights, especially since it was the epic boss fight! Plus, Liu got the mess kicked out of him and he called it a flawless victory after fire balling Tsung into the spike-pit. The last part with Liu's power and the pit set up are 2 reasons why this fight made the list

(fireball + spikes = epic movie death)

Not the greatest fight, but it was sweet!

3.) Sub Zero Vs Fighting Monk

Literally a 30second fight (or a way to show off your one hit K.O.). Just like Shang Tsung called it correctly: "Flawless Victory" a perfect start to show how badass these true fighters are! You could say Sub Zero was "cheating" by using his powers, but every character that was part of the original Mortal Kombat roster showed off at least one of their special powers or signature moves. So, sorry random over hyping ninja-monk... Sadly, you didn't have your head on right.

Puny servant!!

Round 2


2.) Johnny Cage Vs Scorpion

Damn! Thank you Johnny for getting rid of that crappy "spear serpent" once and for all. But, the real reasons why this fight made the list at number 2 was for the games influence on the fight. It takes place in two completely different realms (Earth Realm & the Netherrealm). An epic fight that was top notch and it included creator Edward Boon as the voice of Scorpion! Then we hit the ground with Scorpion prematurely setting off his "finish him" move, luckily Johnny wasn't dizzy and ready to die just yet..

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Mr. Cage continues to cut up Scorpion until he blows up and if that wasn't enough - Johnny let's fly an autograph picture of himself as a "friendship" move ("Friendship?! AGAIN?!) a move that is only introduced in Mortal Kombat 2. But, since it was in development they thought it would be great to throw that Easter egg of the upcoming second game in there for sh*ts and giggles.

At the age of 8 I had my mom scared to death of the flaming skull on the screen!

Such lovely memories.... Hi MOM!
Such lovely memories.... Hi MOM!

Honorable mentions:

Liu Kang Vs "Guest Fighter" (Played by T.J. Storm)

Goro Vs Johnny Cage

Sonya Blade Vs Kano

Subzero Vs Liu Kang



1). Liu Kang Vs Reptile

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Now one of the factors that make this number one is the fact that in the original Reptile was a secret fighter and you had to find him (in a way). I knew the legends of Reptile and when I saw him first appear. Even for a kid born in the late 80's he was nothing but terrible CGI! Way worse than Scorpions so called "spear serpent". But, they switched things around and made him the most badass character in the movie! (I squealed in joy) From the sound of the narrator saying his name through the best fight scene in the movie to the ending with Liu Kang's "bicycle kick" It was great and pleasing to watch more than any other fight in the movie!

I hope all of you enjoyed the list and I want to know what your favorite fight scene from any movie?


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