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Jerome Maida

Could small, independent comic book sensation "Destiny: Queen of Thieves" beat dozens of more well-known properties to the big screen - and with big studio backing, no less?

Judging from info I've gathered in the past month, it's certainly possible.

First, a recap on what "Destiny:QOT" is about. Destiny is a master thief who lives the Donald Trump lifestyle by setting up other thieves who come to NY to fence or launder their large scores, and quietly steals the underlying millions that no one is paying attention to.

The character - created by Glenn Tippett and modeled after up-and-coming model/actress Marissa Jade - has been popular at recent conventions and has helped boost Jade's profile.

Now, comes word from a source close to the creators that at the recent Wizard Philly Con last month that a representative from Paramount came to the "Destiny:QOT" table, flipped through a comic and expressed his interest in bringing the beautiful burglar to life on the big screen - and have Jade star in the project .

Yet another source says that a representative from FOX has e-mailed one of the creators and expressed interest in a big-screen feature showcasing "Destiny: QOT" as well.

While said sources are remaining tight-lippedi n public, Jade doesn't even try to hide her excitement at the prospect of "Destiny: QOT" coming to life on the big-screen.

"I would be ecstatic (someone) were interested in making 'Destiny: Queen of Thieves' into a movie", Jade exclaims.

Jade says that her con appearances have been very helpful to her career. It was at one con where "Destiny: Queen Of Thieves" was born.

"(Scare Tactix Graphix) approached me with the idea at one of the events and we discussed how I wanted the comic book to go and he came up with something amazing," said Jade, who credits G.W Fisher, Glenn Tippett, Scott Ethan and CJ Henderson in helping her bring Destiny to life.

It's a character she is proud of.

"Destiny is a very wealthy, creative, sly, sexy thief from New York," Jade said of her character. "She sets up the mafia in the midst of their heists. In the process of them going in to do the job, she gets them pinched by the cops. When the cops come in to arrest them, she then comes in to steal all they were attempting to steal for herself to live the life of luxury."

Jade seems to be on a hot streak lately. She just finished filming a role in "The Martial Arts Kid" and a photo shoot for "Sports Illustrated" last month and rumor has it that she will soon joining the cast of the upcoming mafia/crime film "Blue Suede" as well.

Though Jade enjoys all of her past and potential projects, she says that "Destiny: QOT" holds a special place in her heart. Why?

"The fact that I am Destiny and I get away with everything!" she exclaims, with a laugh.


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