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Marvel Entertainment has announced that today on The View, they will be revealing a new franchise.. but what is it?

Thunder and lightning seems to be all of our hint for now. With an abundant amount of thunder and lightning related heroes, it's hard to be sure, but considering the mainstream Avenger hero Thor is the God of Thunder, we can expect some news about the Thor franchise.

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Given, the news may not be coming for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, The View hasn't exactly been a show in the past to promote comic books, leaving me to loosely predict, but mainly hope, that this is news on the official announcement of [Thor 3](movie:956858), maybe even with a title and a logo?

Almost a year after the success of [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462), right before Comic-Con in which there will be endless buzz and likely some leaks about the movie, Marvel couldn't pick a better time to place the announcement.

Which franchise could they mean with this thundering news?


Will they reveal Thor 3 today?


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