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HBO's True Detective certainly impressed on many levels, but I think we can all agree the stunning performances by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson is what elevated the series to even more dramatic heights.

Unfortunately, due to the anthology style of the show, season 2 will not see the return of Harrelson or McConaughey, which means a new slew of stars will need to be chosen for the gritty and dark crime drama.

According to The Wrap, Total Recall and Seven Psychopaths star Colin Farrell is currently in talks to headline the series, while Taylor Kitsch is also rumored to co-star. Now, I imagine these casting choices could be slightly controversial, especially considering some of the career choices these actors have made.

However, I have to admit, I think Farrell could be the perfect choice for True Detective, and the series could give him the opportunity to stretch some of his acting muscles. Sure, he's appeared in some fairly forgettable Hollywood flicks such as Total Recall, Dead Man Down and Miami Vice, but he's also delivered some impressive performances in things such as Intermission, In Bruges and Pride and Glory (which although a bad movie, did feature a strong performance from Farrell). Check out the videos below and I'm sure you'll agree, he could be perfect for the tone of True Detective:

Pride and Glory

In Bruges


The same can also be said for Kitsch. Sure, his resume includes titles such as Battleship, John Carter and Snakes on a Plane - films which aren't exactly True Detective-esque - however, his recent appearance in HBO's The Normal Heart was praised by critics. Just as True Detective Season 1 allowed us to see the culmination of McConaughey and Harrelson's careers, perhaps Season 2 can allow us to see more of what Farrell and Kitsch have to offer.

Currently, the True Detective creator, Nic Pizzolatto is keeping the details under wraps, however we have heard rumors the second season will star four main characters and be set in California.


Is Colin Farrell right for True Detective?

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