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After a long and arduous back and forth of "I'm not gonna make it" then "I'm gonna make it" yada yada; Tarantino eventually decided to make his leaked screenplay [The Hateful Eight](movie:1216087).

The live reading of The Hateful Eight
The live reading of The Hateful Eight

After a very successful live read of the script Tarantino announced that he will need 'at least two' more drafts of the script before going into production.

Kurt Russell in Death Proof
Kurt Russell in Death Proof

Speaking with Cinema Blend recently, Kurt Russell gave away when the production was going to begin, saying:

There's a Tarantino project called 'The Hateful Eight' that looks like it may go somewhere around the beginning of the year.

Not exactly a Christopher Nolan Easter Egg from a Batman campaign but I suppose we got a straight answer out of that.

Unforgiven (set in a winter/spring Wyoming)
Unforgiven (set in a winter/spring Wyoming)

Wyoming during the end of the Winter beginning of Spring? This could make for a slightly harsher toned western than Django. As it's a post civil war story, this time of year may just lend quite well to the tone of the piece. Similarly Clint Eastwood's 1992 Western Unforgiven was shot in similar conditions.

Given that the staged live reading starred such Tarantino regulars as Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, James Parks, Dana Gourrier and Zoe Bell, it's fair to assume that Quentin has folks in mind for certain parts; and no doubt they'll do it.

Are you looking forward to the Hateful Eight movie?


Hateful Eight?

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