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I'm not sure where I stand when it comes to drawing on abs with a crayon, but if that wasn't embarrassing enough for Mariah Carey, the mid-forties sort-of-dead-in-the-water singer has now gone and done a hugely photoshopped shoot with renowned pervert Terry Richardson.

Oh, good.

Yep, Richardson shot Carey for a Wonderland magazine cover and Jezebel got a hold of the pre-Photoshop images. Guess what, guys? The original photos are pretty different than the end result - and that's me being nice.

Take a look for yourselves:

The originals required lots of changes to Mimi's body and face, but probably the biggest change was the unsubtle color correction. Even Uncle Tez himself needed a new digital paint job to be fit for the public eye.

Do you think that Mariah insisted on these images being Photoshopped? Or is Terry Richardson's substandard photography to blame?


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