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Warning: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead on the way. Continue at your own spoilery risk!

You know that rumor that was freaking everybody out a couple of weeks ago about how Steven Yeun AKA Glenn had filmed his death scene on The Walking Dead? Well Yeun has finally addressed the rumors of his demise - but it probably won't put you at ease.

When asked if had been killed off on the show, he replied:

Ugh, I mean [pause]. Sometimes it's rough, I mean sometimes its awesome. We will see what happens, yeah.

That's hardly a confidence boosting statement for those worried we might see Glenn bite the dust in Season 5.

Then again, he was never going to come out and say "Yeah, I totally die in Episode 3" or "No, I survive the entire season, it's awesome!". That would be a sure fire way to kill tension in a TV show.

I'm also still not sold on the Glenn-to-die in Season 5 rumor. It's not that I don't believe it's possible - TWD has shown many times that it's not scared to kill off its characters - it's just that I think bigger things are in store for Glenn. And when I say bigger, I really mean Lucille...


Do you think Glenn will survive Season 5?

(Source EW)


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