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The "Great Horror Movie" directed was directed by Drew Goddard and although it was mostly filmed in 2009, it wasn't released till April 2012.

Ok so let's start off by saying Major Spoiler Alert because I have to talk bad about this movie and I can't unless I give away half the movie.

So it starts off as a normal horror movie with teenagers going to some remote Cabin In A Woods. Yeah, the title of the movie wasn't very original or thought through. They meet an ass hole at a gas station who only gives them enough gas to get to the Cabin and for some reason they just take that much. Not Very Smart.

They get to the cabin, blardy blardy blah, and the "scary stuff" doesn't happen until the play Truth Or Dare. (Which is pretty unbelievable for a group of twenty year olds to be playing since it's known as a 12 year old's game, but just go with it.)

They dare the blonde girl to make out with a stuffed wolf, which is absolutely disgusting but she doesn't refuse. And she does this little tramp dance and pretends he's some guy at the bar and they are all laughing. She leans into the wolf and sticks her tongue into his mouth and this is probably the only scene that really scared. Because he blinked. Eyes moved. A stuffed wolf's head moved his eyes. She must be great at kissing.

Well I think I can safely say, I am never going to make out with a stuffed dog ever again after that!

"Originality" factor:

But the weird thing about this movie is that the druggie is the smartest one and the black guy isn't the first person to die. And the whole thing is orchestrated by a few twisted people watching them and setting up their death's. Come on though, was I the only one that thought "Hmm reminds me of The Hunger Games, they even have A Hemsworth in it." And there is this arena type thing and a force field. You could have been a bit more original, Goddard.

Then he red headed chick who is played by Kristen Connoly gets dared to go down to the basement after the door mysteriously blows open and she reads a lovely poem in Latin, because you know every one knows how to talk Latin. And zombies, yes zombies, are brought to life.

If you're confused don't worry, so is most people out there because it was a very confusing movie.

Dumb Blonde and Chris Hemsworth go out to the woods to have sex. Stupid thing for Thor to do but I guess 2009 was a simpler time. Blonde Idiot gets killed and Hemsworth is held up by another few zombies and all I could think was "great the hottest guy dies." (sarcasm)

But don't fret he gets away which is so unbelievable. Not even The Walking Dead characters can get away after that but again just go with it...

The movie goes back to the guys who are running the gig and they are watching a deamon getting killed by being burnt by ten year old little girls. I honestly can say, after that, I had a fit of laughter and branded the movie a "comedy".

The druggie gets killed, but he doesn't really. He comes back to life somehow. And black dude goes spiralling off a cliff out of the Panem arena and he comes back to life.


After that, I didn't really pay attention until the monsters came into it and then they were only in it for a short period.

But my opinion doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things because IMDB users gave an average rating of 7.1 out of 10 stars for it.



Anyway, what did you guys think of it. Comedy Gold, Great Horror Movie or Waste Of Money?


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