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Aca-awesome! So here's some things to expect from Pitch Perfect 2:

1. The Bellas On Their Senior Year

That's right! Instead of continuing the sophomore year, the movie will feature the Bellas in their Senior Year at Barden University. In terms of the story, Banks said, "All I can say right now is that they will be graduating seniors this time around, rather than incoming freshmen."

So maybe one of the plots of the story will be about Becca finding somebody to replace her heir as the leader of their group

2. Pitch Perfect Going International?

As for the sequel, Astin is eyeing an international shoot.

MTV wrote:

“I want everyone to go abroad. I want the whole thing to be international just so we can film in a really cool location, but also, I think it would be really cool to see different countries’ perspective on a cappella,” he said. ” I think that would be really awesome. Because what do you do after you win nationals? You go international. That’s my pitch.”

Co-star Adam DeVine, who played Treblemaker leader Bumper, disappeared at the end of “Pitch Perfect,” defecting from the group to sing back up for John Mayer, but he has an idea for his character’s return.

“I pitched to Kay Cannon, who wrote the movie and is writing the second one as well, that I want to come back as a K-pop star,” he enthused. “Like, maybe it didn’t work in America, so I went over to Korea and just blew up. So we’ll see if she took that to heart and wrote it in the next script.”

Coincidentally, it’s a very similar storyline to the one imagined by Hana Mae Lee, who played quiet, quirky Barden Bella Lilly.

“You can go so many places,” she said of the sequel. “I can go over to K-pop or J-Pop, and Rebel can go to Australia, and all just battle each other worldwide. But we’ll see what happens. They’re working on it.”

3. Pentatonix: One of the Bellas' Newest Competitors

The Sing-Off season 3 winners, Pentatonix, are set to make their big screen debut in the most logical fit ever, [Pitch Perfect 2](movie:792597). And the group is very excited about it.

4. The Filharmonics

Meanwhile, an all-male a cappella group called The Filharmonics have joined the cast. You may recognize them from NBC's talent show, The Sing-Off.

5. The Hit Songs To Match Cups

So far, we haven't gotten the chance to know what songs will be featured in the film. But we expect a song to match the success of Anna Kendrick's Cups.

How about you, what songs do you want the Bellas to mash-up and perform?

Pitch Perfect 2 is scheduled to arrive in theaters May 15, 2015.


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