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If you really think about itthe show Pokemon it was all a bit disturbing. It was essentially about humans who captured wild creatures to train them into vicious fighting machines forced to fight other creatures to the brink of death.

It's no surprise then that many people have imagined these ferocious beasts as they might appear in real life.

WARNING: These pictures may ruin your childhood memories of Pokemon forever.



Weezing looks like it spent too long in a nuclear testing zone and is now some sort of chemical weapon.



Gengar appears to have gone full slobering maniac.



Pinsir's mouth looks like the Sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi and he also reminds me of a creature from the game Amnesia, which coincidentally is what I hope I suffer from after seeing these pictures.



OK, on first glance I was almost willing to call this one cute.....But then I saw the creepy comb-over.....And the stubby little claw arms.



50% dinosaur, 50% robot and 100% ready to tear your face off.


Mr Mime

OK this one scares me the most. As if Mr Mime wasn't creepy enough in cartoon form he now seems intent on making sure all your nightmares come true.



Awwww....actually, I put this one in just because I thought we all needed some eye bleach after seeing those other monstrosities!


(Source: Smosh, DeviantArt)


What do you think is the creepiest Pokemon?


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