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Our retellings of the most nerve wracking Creepypastas on the web have inspired many a nightmare, and we aim to spread another plague of the heebie-jeebies across the nation!

So turn off the lights and bathe in the cold glow of your laptop, because things are about to get seriously creepy up in here!

Where Bad Kids Go

Basic Plot: A photographer who spent some time in Lebanon as a child decides to revisit the country to investigate a children's TV show that has been stuck in his head for decades.

From what he can remember, the wartime TV show was aimed at scaring children straight with bizarre and often sinister images, that in retrospect, were rather austere for kid's entertainment. Messages included strict moral messages such as "bad kids steal from the fridge at night" and "bad kids have their hands under the covers when they speak."

Although remembering the tone of the show made the photographer uneasy, the thing that had truly burned itself into his memory was the grand finale of each show. It was the same every time: A camera would zoom toward a rusty metal door and the bloodcurdling screams of children could be heard from within.

The closer the camera got to the door, the louder and more frenzied the screams would become. Once the shrieks of terror had reached an almost unbearable fever pitch, Arabic text reading “That’s where bad kids go” would pop up and the end credits would roll.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the photographer has somehow tracked down the studios where the show was filmed. The place had clearly been abandoned from a long time and it looked like somebody may have tried to burn the place to the ground. Although none of the scenery or sets remained, there was a single recognizable feature. The rusted door.

When the photographer gingerly peered behind it, he was horrified to see a tiny room that's claustrophobic walls were smeared with blood and feces. There was also a small pile of bones on the floor that definitely didn't look like they were from the local KFC...

The thing that terrified him the most though was a caged microphone hanging from the middle of the room as a relic from the shows recording days.

Why it Will Totally Shit You Up: The screams of children that were broadcast as entertainment were very much the result of real suffering inflicted for the most trivial reasons.

Trauma Factor: Those things that seem sinister about your favorite kids' TV shows now your an adult have the potential to be even more disturbing. Best not think too much about those vaguely remembered episodes of Sesame Street!

White with Red

Basic Plot: When a man checked into a hotel, the receptionist was very insistent that he should stay away from a unnumbered, locked storeroom that he had to pass to get to his suite.

Of course, the hotel guest's curiosity was piqued by the receptionist's strange warnings about the room, and on his second night he couldn't resist the urge to peer into the wide keyhole any longer.

As he peeked into the keyhole, cold air blasted out and chilled his face. Instead of being greeted with a cluttered storeroom, the man saw a hotel room that mirrored his own exactly except for one minor detail...

There was an incredibly pale woman leaning her head on the wall and standing motionless, looking away from the door. He stared at the figure in confusion for a while thinking this must be a celebrity or diplomat whose privacy was being protected by the hotel. Surely that was the only explanation?

Suddenly, the woman turned sharply causing the hotel guest to leap away from the door hoping that she had not seen him spying on her.

The next day, the man felt drawn to the keyhole again. This time, when he pressed his eye to the metal, all he could see was a vibrant red color. He decided the woman must have suspected he was peeking into her room the night before and blocked the keyhole with something red to ward off prying eyes.

Feeling bad that he had made the unknown woman feel so uncomfortable in her own private space, he went to reception to apologize for the complaint he was certain must have been made against him.

As he recounted his story to the receptionist, her face turned an ashen white and after some gentle quizzing about the room she replied:

Well, I might as well tell you the story of what happened in that room. A long time ago, a man murdered his wife in there, we find that even now, people get uncomfortable staying there. But these people were not ordinary. They were white all over, except for their eyes, which were red

Why it Will Totally Shit You Up: Think about unknowingly staring directly into the blood red eye of a ghost for a few seconds and feel the goosebumps creep up on you...

Trauma Factor: A longterm phobia of peep holes is kind of inevitable.

Smile Dog

Basic Plot: A college age writer is determined to either prove or debunk a sinister wave of insanity and epilepsy that is reportedly linked to a mysterious file named 'smile.jpg.'

The file was splurged across various well-known internet message boards such as 4Chan and Something Awful and was reported to depict a wolfish dog with straight, sharp, white human teeth drawn back into a grimacing grin.

Most people who have seen the file become withdrawn, isolated and suicidal, so it was hard to find anybody willing to speak out about the mental effects of 'smile.jpg,' but in the end, one brave woman stepped forward.

When the writer visited Mary E. she was clearly severely mentally unhinged, she refused to leave her room and babbled incomprehensibly about nightmares while weeping until her husband, Terence, apologized for the outburst and sent the writer on his way.

Years later, Mary E. sent the writer a chilling email that explained how 'smile.jpg,' or '' as it is also known, haunts people who have seen the image, until they pass the curse onto someone else. She admitted she planned to show the writer '' when he visited her initially, but realized she couldn't face the guilt of ruining a young person's life and obeying the sinister hound that stalked her dreams.

A few weeks later, she committed suicide.'s curse was powerful though. Months passed before the writer received an email from an unknown address. The email simply stated:

I found your e-mail adress thru a mailing list your profile said you are interested in smiledog. I have saw it it is not as bad as every one says I have sent it to you here. Just spreading the word.

After receiving the file and looking at the image, the writer was tormented by nightmares, but seeing Mary E.'s terrifying insanity was enough to kill off all of his noble intentions about saving others.

He released the image, along with his story, so the evils of could infiltrate the internet like never before.

Why it Will Totally Shit You Up: Most email services don't even give you the choice of whether you want to look at an image or not these days. I will let that one sink in for a moment.

Trauma Factor: Those annoying chain letters will receive a whole new layer of significance from now on...

The Angel Statue

Basic Plot: Around three or four years ago, depending on where you read the story, a couple headed out for a date night and left their two infant children with a trusted family friend.

When the babysitter arrived, the two kids were already tucked up safely in bed, so she was at a bit of a loose end. After making some sandwiches from the family fridge, she decided to sit down and watch TV to while away the evening, but discovered that the downstairs television didn't have cable.

Not wishing to intrude on the couple's privacy, she called the father on his cell phone and asked if she could watch TV in their room before she went in. Because he trusted her implicitly, the father immediately agreed, but when she entered the room she made another strange request.

The baby sitter asked, "Can I cover up the angel statue outside the bedroom window? It's really creeping me out." The phone was silent for a moment before the father blurted out in a panicked voice, "Take the children and get out of the house immediately. I'm calling the police. We don't own an angel statue!"

The police raced to the house within a few minutes and found the lifeless children and their babysitter scattered around the house in pools of blood.

No statue was found.

Why it Will Totally Shit You Up: Was there really a cursed statue, or just something very, very wrong with the babysitter?

Trauma Factor: What previously seemed like a bad taste in ornaments at your friends house suddenly has the potential to be a sinister curse in disguise. Was that porcelain doll really in the bathroom last time you were here?


Which Creepypasta will be playing on your mind tonight?

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