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Ever since Beth was nabbed from the funeral parlor last season on The Walking Dead, we've not seen or heard from her and had no clue as to whether she was alive or chopped up into little pieces at Terminus.

We've heard whispers and rumors that she'd been spotted on the Season 5 set, but no concrete proof ever materialized.

Until now.

Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, we've got our hands on a set image which seems to show a bandaged Beth (Emily Kinney).

Check it out:

Here's the description of the scene:

People on the ground have stated Emily aka Beth is on location. The last time they filmed here she was seen driving out of the hospital. To the left of the picture is a long, blonde haired woman wearing a plaid, long sleeved shirt with a bandage on her right arm. This is said to be Emily.

This image throws up more questions than it answers: What happened to Beth's arm? Who took her in the first place? Where are they? And who's the person walking next to her? Could it be Carl? Let me know your theories in the comments below:


Who is walking with Beth?


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