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Expendables fans, prepare for your minds to be blown: Here's the ass-whooping new TV spot for The Expendables 3, considerably sweetening our wait for the big 2014 blockbuster.

How's this for a testosterone injection?

I got news for y'all, if Gibson is the villain, I sure as hell won't be rooting for the Expendables this time! "Sugar-tits" Gibson is going to totally crank this nostalgic franchise up a notch. His stupefying temper and hatred for...well, pretty much everybody, is the icing on this kick-ass cake for me. Make him an over-the-top caricature of himself and force him to die a gruesome on-screen death. And make sure he's in on the ironic nature of it all.

Is the chance to see Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford in the same action flick just too much of a novelty for you to pass up The Expendables 3?


Will you be checking out The Expendables 3?

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