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AMERICANAH is a love story that starts and ends in Lagos. It gives Lupita Nyong'o an opportunity to fall in love on the big screen, and she would join a long tradition of leading ladies who have done the same, in equally exotic locations around the world!

Love stories are about overcoming obstacles, covering great distances and conquering all opposition, otherwise, it's a tragedy. [Americanah](movie:1479156) is a love story about reuniting in Africa. Here are a few other movies about beating the odds for true love:


Daniel Day-Lewis is an ex-con and Emily Watson is recently widowed with a young son. They live in a politically-charged neighborhood: her father is trying to keep hold of his power, but her son is still capable of growing out of his prejudices. Can the love of these two former sweethearts survive?


John Cusack is an average guy and Ione Skye is an exceptional girl. Cusack asks Skye out on a date and despite their differences, she accepts. Skye dumps Cusack and he becomes a lion for love, a champion of being not too proud to beg. "In Your Eyes". Oh yes. If you grew up with the Brat Pack, then you know that song by heart.


William Powell is Nick Charles and Myrna Loy is Nora. The bright banter between married couple Nick and Nora Charles is the stuff of legend and spawned 5 sequels, but this first movie is by far the best of the bunch. The most persuasive advertisement for marriage ever committed to the screen!


David Niven (in his first leading role) and Ginger Rogers (in her first lead apart from Fred Astaire) are utterly disarming in this illegitimacy comedy that by all rights should be unwatchable. Ginger is saddled with somebody else's baby (long story, as Screwball Comedies often are) and David presumes to make her face up to her "responsibilities", even though he himself is a careless playboy. Will these two crazy kids just get over themselves and fall in love, already?


Paul Newman is a n'er-do-well handyman and Jessica Tandy is his long-suffering landlady. (Jessica's was only 16 years older than Paul, in real life.) Though Paul has got a thing for his philandering boss's (Bruce Willis) wife (Melanie Griffith), the genuine warmth between Jessica and Paul is what makes this movie memorable and a real keeper!


George Clooney is a bank robber who never uses a gun and Jennifer Lopez is the fetching Fed who arrests him. When he gets out of jail and she needs to arrest him, again, (because, hey, that's her job) well, they fall in love along the way. It happens. Have Clooney or Lopez ever been better? Oh, hell to the no, Jenny from the block.


William H. Macy is an indebted gambler and Maria Bello is a casino waitress who despite themselves fall in love. Bello has long been a reliable love interest on screen, but Macy is like a kid in the candy store with this first romantic lead in his distinguished career.

[Silver Linings Playbook](movie:207997) 2012

Bradley Cooper has been released from the psychiatric ward and is still obsessed with his ex-wife. Jennifer Lawrence is a recovering sex addict after her husband was killed on duty. Can these two troubled souls find healing through the power of dirty dancing? There's a 13 year age difference between Bradley and Jennifer, but she won her Oscar because that never even crosses your mind: Jennifer's in the driver's seat from the get-go and Bradley is glad to go along for the ride!


Talk about being in the driver's seat, this girl takes him on a roller coaster ride on the mountainsides of the French Riviera, baby! Cary Grant is a retired jewel thief and Grace Kelly is a vacationing socialite. Grace chops Cary's lumber magnate down like a tree and Cary has no room to complain. Grace and Cary were two of the most attractive people to ever light up the screen and to see them circle each other on the French beaches is the best scenery in my memory: just too good!

MAZE 2000

  MAZE 2000
MAZE 2000

Rob Morrow is a sculptor with Turrets Syndrome and Laura Linney is a fashion editor dating his best friend. When Morrow's friend leaves her to do charity work in Ethiopia, Linney does not tell him that's she's also pregnant with his child, so it falls to Morrow to help her through her labor. They fall in love. What will Linney do when her boyfriend comes back from Ethiopia? Will love conquer all?

Love stories are timeless if they're done properly, and AMERICANAH can be the movie that makes Lupita Nyong'O a household name around the globe. Because love is the feeling you feel when you feel a feeling that you ain't never felt before! (I learned that from DIFFERENT STROKES!)


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