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GTA 5 is an undeniably huge game, and PC users will have the chance to see it in all it's glory sooner than they might have thought!

A release date for Rockstar's epic violent game was leaked recently through a Danish retailer's website - and where Rockstar had previously only had the game listed as coming out in "Fall 2014", we were suddenly given a much more specific date: November 14th.

And that date would make sense, falling as it does in the run up to Christmas, the busiest shopping weeks of the year.

So what can PC users expect from this Grand Theft Auto 5 release? They may have played the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions, so why should they bother with it for PC?

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Well, first of all, the new graphics are stunning. And Rockstar have added a bunch of new details, promising

across-the-board graphical and technical improvements

as well as an

array of new details to discover

If that sounds a little vague, it should mean new wildlife, damage effects and upgraded weather. You can take a look at the previous generation of graphics side by side with the new in images like the one below:

GTA V: next-gen graphics on the left, obviously
GTA V: next-gen graphics on the left, obviously

Mainly, though, the reason to get the new release of GTA 5 is simply because it's a great game which deserves to be played at its still capability.

In how many games, for example, could you recreate shot for shot the Sopranos Opening Sequence?

So what do you think, will you be buying GTA 5 when it comes out for the PC in the run up to Christmas? What are you most looking forward to about the revamped version of this game? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


Will you buy GTA 5 for the PC?


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