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Yes, you read that title correctly! Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson have all transformed themselves into 'one of the guys' for Jenny Lewis' new music video. The lead single, 'One of the Guys', is off Lewis' first solo album in six years, 'The Voyager', which will be released July 29 through Warner Bros. Records.

Lewis, Hathaway, Larson and Stewart all don drag, including somer rather woeful moustaches and adidas tracksuits circa 1980s. It begins with them strumming along in an all-ladies band, backing Lewis' dreamy and melancholic vocals before descending into some sort of weird Vanilla Ice-esque cringefest.

Check out the video below, and become captivated by Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway with a rat tail.

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