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Big Hero 6 has been hidden in secrecy for a very long time, at some point I think either last year or the year before there was an animated clip released online. It was extremely short, but it was pretty. However it gave viewers no idea of what the film would be about.

Then around 2 months ago we finally got a teaser trailer that gave you people an idea of what the characters would look like and the type of tone the film was going for (which felt like your standard, fun kind of Disney material).

And now we have the first full-length trailer and it looks, alright. Honestly I have been excited for this film mainly because of the origins of source material with it being a Marvel and Disney crossover comic book. And the teaser trailer pretty much had me, I thought that was funny, cute and totally Disney. But while this new trailer gives us more information on the story and the nature of the two main characters, I'm not overly excited by this trailer.

So what does this trailer entail? Well it seems like this main dude (Hiro) and his white rubber robot (Baymax) have had a run in with a dangerous enemy in a mask who uses mini robots and attacks them. Hiro goes to the police and tries to explain what happened but the man doesn't understand believe the kid at all. And then we get a montage of scenes with Hiro and Baymax flying around doing action-oriented stuff and a few other things. I like the way humour plays a big part in this trailer and it is pretty funny to see Baymax filling up his air holes with sellotape.

But beyond seeing the new enemy, seeing a few action scenes and hearing the voices for Hiro and Baymax, little is known about what the story is for this film. I think that's one of the things that bugged me; the fact that there was little more to learn about the film beyond the last trailer... That and the fact that this trailer uses that Fall Out Boy song. Listen I don't hate that band, but that song seemed very ill-placed for this trailer and totally ruined the vibe.

In the end I'm still hyped for Big Hero 6, not doubt about it, but I'm gonna need a more fleshed out trailer with an understanding of the story and all of the characters for me to fully understand what this film is gonna be.


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