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Summon your squire, and fetch your goblet! We know the aching thirst that comes with awaiting the arrival of season 5, but fear not, for the God of Wine has blessed us with a way to satiate our thirst for all things Game of Thrones. An all new and exclusive range of wines is being launched, inspired by the show.

Wines of Westoros by Common Ventures
Wines of Westoros by Common Ventures

Created by Australian company Common Ventures, ‘The Wines of Westeros’ is an unofficial range of a dozen wines inspired by the characters’ drinking habits and based on the 12 houses in the show. Jane Burhop from Common Ventures explained;

"After our favourite characters had scaled the wall, we were left with the idea to brand and create a wine for each of our favourite houses and their heroes, the sigil and variant of each bottle directly reflects the personality of each house. The reds are all associated with the houses that are head strong and robust. The whites on the other hand are more cunning, perceptive and mysterious."

The range includes both white wines and red.

Wines of Westoros
Wines of Westoros

The six white wines comprise of:

  • The Arryn
  • The Greyjoy
  • The Stark
  • The Tyrell
  • The White Walker
  • The Wilding

The red wines comprise of:

  • The Baratheon
  • The Dothraki
  • The Lannister
  • The Martell
  • The Night’s Watch
  • The Targaryen

Jane Burhop, a fan of the HBO hit series, further highlighted when and where the wines are to be had:

"This wine is made to be drunk with friends and to help soften the blow of the shock and heartache as our favourite characters are slowly killed off."

Common Ventures hopes to coincide the launch of their wines with the premiere of season five in 2015. The wines will cost £11 a bottle and are going to be sold in both Australian independent liquor stores and online venues. Common Ventures are still in talks with HBO for approval to make the wines, and haven’t actually selected a winery to produce the wines as of yet. However, they are hopeful that they will be given the same treatment as the Game of Thrones styled beer that was released earlier this year by US based brewery Ommegang.

In the meantime, send them a raven via their official site and declare your interest in their project by clicking here!

(Source: The Telegraph)


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