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Moviefone debuts the exclusive new trailer for "Big Hero 6" and talks to the movie's directors, Don Hall and Chris Williams, about the central relationship in the much anticipated movie, why Adsit was cast as the lovable robot Baymax, the research that went into the robot's design, what it was like striking that delicate tonal balance, and making a movie based on a Marvel superhero property that is totally unrelated to the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Excerpts from the Moviefone interview are below. Click here for the full interview.

MF: This movie is based on a Marvel property but unmoored from the cumbersome Marvel Cinematic Universe. Was that fun to develop without having to worry about Iron Man flying by in the background?

Hall: Yes, it was liberating. Because when we first started, we didn't know how all this was going to go. But in our first meeting with Marvel, when John picked [Big Hero 6](movie:425271), Marvel was super encouraging to not tie it to their mythology at all. It was like -- "Create your own universe, create your own characters, and don't worry about anything else."

What was that process of designing Baymax like?

Hall: The week "Winnie the Pooh" came out I was on a research trip back East. I went to Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Harvard... And I was looking at robots because obviously this movie needed a robot in it. I wanted a robot that we had never seen before and something to be wholly original. That's a tough thing to do, we've got a lot of robots in pop culture, everything from "The Terminator" to "WALL-E" to C-3PO on down the line and not to mention Japanese robots, I won't go into that. So I wanted to do something original.

The trailer places a lot of emphasis on the relationship between Baymax and Hiro. Is that evocative of the movie as a whole?

Hall: It's the emotional heart of the movie -- the relationship between Hiro, this 14-year-old super genius and Baymax, this robot who is designed to be a health care provider, completely innocent and without guile and lives to help people. The idea that this kid is turning this robot into a mech'd out superhero -- that idea is the core of the movie.


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